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At Lehr Middlebrooks & Vreeland, we practice labor and employment law on behalf of management, with a focus on management rights and the actions that management can take, rather than those they can’t. We pride ourselves on providing prompt, high-quality, creative legal services and solutions. In our view, labor and employment counsel is a collaborative process with our clients, designed to meet their business objectives.

LMV’S 2014 Employee Relations Summit
LMV is pleased to invite our clients and friends to our complimentary Employee Relations Summit on November 18th from 7:30 to 4:00 at Rosewood Hall, SoHo Square in Birmingham, Alabama. During this full-day seminar, we will give our outlook for 2015, assess the current status of labor and employment law challenges, and share what we think are the emerging best practices for model employers. Mitchell Smith, United Auto Workers’ lead organizer at Volkswagen in Chattanooga, will speak at LMV’s Summit about the UAW’s organizing efforts at VW, throughout the auto industry in the South, and the Union’s overall “Southern Strategy.” Joining Mr. Smith will be Jürgen Stumpf, Chairman of the Works Council at the Volkswagen AG Kassel plant. VW assigned Mr. Stumpf to the Chattanooga plant during the UAW campaign to provide information about German works council practices.

See the Employee Relations Summit link below under “Upcoming Seminars & Webinars” to register, or call Ms. Marilyn Cagle in our office at (205) 323-9263. Hotel accommodation information is on the registration form, and registration cut-off is November 13th. You may find the Agenda under the Information section of the registration form.

Effective Supervisor® Seminars in October
LMV’s Effective Supervisor® live seminars will be held in Auburn on October 21st and Huntsville on October 23rd from 8:30 – 4:00. This program offers you a proven, cost-effective approach to this essential training. Over the years, over 6,000 managers and supervisors have participated in this program which focuses on enhancing the knowledge and confidence of supervisors and managers in handling employee issues and employer compliance responsibilities. We teach from the perspective of the employer’s rights; our goal is that supervisors leave empowered about their jobs, not scared of the laws.

See the links below under “Upcoming Seminars & Webinars” to register and obtain additional information about pricing, agenda and exact locations. You may also contact Ms. Jerri Prosch in our office at (205) 323-9271.