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At Lehr Middlebrooks Vreeland & Thompson, we practice labor and employment law on behalf of management, with a focus on management rights and the actions that management can take, rather than those they can’t. We pride ourselves on providing prompt, high-quality, creative legal services and solutions. In our view, labor and employment counsel is a collaborative process with our clients, designed to meet their business objectives.


Recognized In The Best Lawyers In America©

Richard Lehr, David Middlebrooks, Al Vreeland and Mike Thompson have been recognized in The Best Lawyers In America© for Labor and Employment Law in 2017.


Effective Supervisor® Recorded Training–
Part I and II

For those of you who are not able to attend our live training seminars, we now have available recordings of Effective Supervisor – Part I – The Rules and Effective Supervisor – Part II – The Relationship.

These two training programs, developed and led by our attorneys, give supervisors the tools to recognize and respond to situations that could develop into administrative or legal claims. We go beyond the legalese and discuss effective leadership and communication skills so that supervisors feel comfortable handling difficult situations and can act confidently and compassionately when addressing tough issues like diversity in the workplace, changes in procedures, and employee medical issues.

The training covers the following topics:

What Effective Supervisors Know: Part I – The Rules:

  • Workplace Law 101
    • Discrimination: Who’s In, Who’s Out
    • Harassment/Hostile Work Environment: The Spectrum from Annoyance to Unlawful
    • Retaliation: Being Required by Law to Turn the Other Cheek
    • The Rest: FMLA; NLRA (For Unionized and Non-Union Workplaces); FLSA.
  • Negative Consequences Worth Avoiding
  • Making Exceptions to the Rules
    • Making Religious Accommodations; Disability Accommodations; and Pregnancy Accommodations.
    • Learning to Love the FMLA

What Effective Supervisors Know: Part II – The Relationship:

  • Selecting the Right People
  • Helping Your People Grow
  • Spotting and Resolving Conflict within the Organization
  • Handling Concerns and Complaints
  • Ending the Employment Relationship

These training sessions are available for $249 per session, or $450 for both sessions. You will have access to the training for one week if you purchase an individual session, or access for two weeks if you purchase both sessions.

Please go to the Recorded Webinars section below to register or call Ms. Rachel Goodson in our office at (205) 323-9271. After payment is made, Ms. Goodson will send you a link to the recording.