2021 Employment Law and Litigation Forecast Webinar

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We are pleased to bring you this complimentary webinar recorded on December 8, 2020 in which we assessed the implications of the national election results and other issues which will affect employers in 2021. The following topics were discussed by LMVT attorneys (with time stamps included to find the topic you are looking for on the recording):

Introduction and Firm Overview

 Presenter: Richard I. Lehr

(00:00 – 03:23 on recording)

Election Summary

 Presenter: Richard I. Lehr

(03:25 – 08:30 on recording)

Litigation and Legislation Forecast

Presenter: Al L. Vreeland

(08:30 – 27:22 on recording)

Diversity Demands

Presenter: Whitney R. Brown

(27:22 – 49:23 on recording)

Agency Update

Presenter: Lance W. Parmer

(49:23 – 1:00:17 on recording)

Labor Trends

Presenter: Richard I. Lehr

(1:00:17 – 1:07:53 on recording)

Managing Layoffs and Recalls

Presenter: Al L. Vreeland

(1:07:53 – 1:13:34 on recording)


Presenter: Michael L. Thompson

(1:13:34 – 1:24:35 on recording)

Questions and Answers

(1:24:35 – 1:33:26 on recording)

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Date Recorded:
December 8, 2020

Richard I. Lehr

Albert L. Vreeland

Whitney Brown

Lance W. Parmer

Michael L. Thompson

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