July 2014 – Wage and Hour Claims Increase; Are You in Compliance?

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Date Recorded: July 17, 2014
Duration: 1 hour
Leaders: Albert L. Vreeland, II and Lyndel L. Erwin
Cost: $125 per connection site, with no limitation on the number of participants.

events_clip_image002Although employment discrimination claims have declined nationally, Wage and Hour investigations and lawsuits continue to increase at a record pace. There is no prerequisite for an employee to file an administrative action in order to bring a Wage and Hour claim. Unlike most employment claims which involve individual complaints, Wage and Hour complaints often involve large numbers of employees.

During this informative Wage and Hour webinar onJuly 17, 2014, the following trouble spots will be reviewed:

  • Misclassification of employees as exempt or independent contractors. We expect DOL to issue new exemption regulations – what are the trouble spots now employers face when classifying employees as exempt? What are the most troublesome issues and liability for employers who misclassify employees as independent contractors?
  • What are the best approaches for paying employees? For example, fixed salary for fluctuating workweek is illegal in some states – what are the problems and possibilities with this pay system? Should bonus payments be calculated into overtime, even if the employer truly believes that the bonus payments are “discretionary?”
  • How should employees be paid for working off-site, with or without employer permission?
  • How should travel time be handled – when an employee’s location changes, when an employee is called from home to report to work, or when an employee is sent out of town?
  • What are employer rights to deduct from employee pay, including disciplinary deductions from exempt employees, deductions for time missed for exempt employees, and deductions for lost or damaged product?
  • The Department of Labor believes that 80% of all U.S. employers violate Wage and Hour law. How should you respond if a Wage and Hour investigates you?
  • There are more Wage and Hour “collective actions” than all other employment class actions combined. What are the Wage and Hour areas and violations the plaintiffs’ attorneys usually pursue?
  • What developments are occurring at the state level, including increases to the minimum wage and mandatory breaks? What changes are affecting government contractors?
  • How can employers engage in a “self audit” for possible Wage and Hour violations without causing Wage and Hour litigation?

Al Vreeland has handled Wage and Hour collective actions throughout the country for employers and Lyndel Erwin was the District Director for the United States Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division, before joining LMV.

Please join us for what promises to be a thorough and informative webinar on this important area.

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