April Employment Law Bulletin

April 25, 2019   Written by:   Filed under: Breaking News

Court Order EEO-1 Pay Data Collection by September 30

When we left the saga of the EEO-1 pay data collection legal battles last month, a federal court had given the EEOC until April 3 to detail how and when it planned to implement its order reinstating the collection of pay and hours information (aka Component 2 data)  from employers. The EEOC originally announced in 2016 that it would require submission of the expanded EEO-1 form from employers beginning in 2018, but an administrative stay in 2017 paused that plan and a court battle ensued.  After being ordered in March 2019 to collect Component 2 data, the EEOC opened its online portal to receive Component 1 only.  Component 1, the original EEO-1 form, lists the number of employees of a company by job category, race, ethnicity, and sex.  Depending upon size, this data also may be required by location.  Component 2 includes hours worked and pay information by race, ethnicity, and sex…

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