February Employment Law Bulletin

February 20, 2020   Written by:   Filed under: Breaking News

  EEOC Charges Reach Record Low According to information recently released by the EEOC, a total of 72,675 charges were filed during Fiscal Year 2019 (ending September 30). This is the fewest ever since the EEOC began releasing charge statistics in 1997. Nine years ago, the highest number of charges… Read More →

January Employment Law Bulletin

January 29, 2020   Written by:   Filed under: Breaking News

  Embarrassing Email Evidence The Federal Aviation Administration on Thursday, January 9, released damaging emails from Boeing regarding its 737 Max Jetliner. In particular, the emails relate to Boeing professionals’ comments about whether Lion Air and other carriers requested training on the new plane through a simulator. One of the… Read More →

December Employment Law Bulletin

December 18, 2019   Written by:   Filed under: Breaking News

 New Year’s Resolutions for HR It is the time of the year to make resolutions for the new year. Often, these resolutions involve either exercising more, eating less, or a combination of both. We offer the following ten resolutions for business leaders with HR responsibilities to adopt for 2020: Resolve… Read More →

November Employment Law Bulletin

November 20, 2019   Written by:   Filed under: Breaking News

Sexual Harassment Allegation Leads to Employer Discrimination Against Accused When greeted with allegations of sexual harassment, any employer is understandably concerned. When those allegations are against a man in a position of power, that concern tends to be elevated. Some hasty employers (but of course not our ELB readers) might… Read More →

October Employment Law Bulletin

October 31, 2019   Written by:   Filed under: Breaking News

EEOC Increases Harassment and ADA Litigation September 30 concluded Fiscal Year 2019 for the federal government. According to our monthly and year to date analysis of EEOC lawsuits, the EEOC filed 112 lawsuits during FY 2019, down from 154 during FY 2018. Harassment lawsuits increased to 31.1% of all lawsuits… Read More →

September Employment Law Bulletin

September 25, 2019   Written by:   Filed under: Breaking News

EEOC to Discontinue Future Pay Data Collection The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has announced that it is not seeking to renew Component 2 of the EEO-1. Although that does not negate employers’ obligations to submit 2017 and 2018 pay data by September 30, it does suggest that the information will… Read More →

August Employment Law Bulletin

August 22, 2019   Written by:   Filed under: Breaking News

Court “Paroles” EEOC Criminal History Guidance In the case of the State of Texas v. EEOC (5th Cir. August 6, 2019), the Court ruled that the EEOC overstepped its statutory boundaries by issuing its 2012 Enforcement Guidance on the Consideration of Arrest and Conviction Records and Employment Decisions Under Title… Read More →

July Employment Law Bulletin

July 25, 2019   Written by:   Filed under: Breaking News

EEO-1 Component 2 Filing – What You Need to Know The website for the EEO-1 Component 2 online filing system is open, complete with long-awaited sample forms, fairly straightforward instructions, and answers to frequently asked questions.  The EEOC contracted with National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at the University of Chicago… Read More →

June Employment Law Bulletin

June 26, 2019   Written by:   Filed under: Breaking News

UAW (“U Ain’t Winnin’”) Narrowly Loses at VW Volkswagen Chattanooga employees on June 14 narrowly defeated the UAW for the second time in five years: with 776 voting for union representation (48.2%) and 833 voting against it (51.8%).  A swing of 29 votes would have changed the outcome.  In 2014,… Read More →

Governor Signs Alabama’s Equal Pay/Salary History Legislation

June 13, 2019   Written by:   Filed under: Breaking News

On June 10, 2019, Governor Kay Ivey signed into law the Clarke-Figures Equal Pay Act (HB 225), which becomes effective on September 1, 2019. The Act prohibits race or sex discrimination in pay, if the work “requires equal skill, effort, education, experience and responsibility, and performance under similar working conditions,”… Read More →