December Employment Law Bulletin

December 28, 2018   Written by:   Filed under: Breaking News

Our Best Wishes For 2019

We extend our best wishes to our clients and other relationship partners for a healthy, peaceful and prosperous 2019. As our firm begins its 26th year, we do so with the energy and excitement of when we first started our practice. We look forward to supporting you and your colleagues’ effort in making 2019 a successful year.

Employee Who “Goes Public” Reinstated Under NLRA

Employers are rightfully concerned about the public airing of employee comments and complaints on workplace matters, whether those comments are on social media or otherwise. On November 2, 2018, Administrative Law Judge Paul Bogas ruled that a non-union employee of a medical center was wrongfully terminated because she sent a letter to the local newspaper expressing concerns about the hospital’s staffing levels. Karen-Jo Young was employed as the Activities Director at Maine Coast Memorial Hospital. She sent a letter to the Hancock County, Maine, newspaper, The Ellsworth American, where she expressed concerns that she and fellow employees had about hospital staffing levels. The day the employer became aware of the letter was the day the employer terminated Young for violating the hospital’s policy which prohibited employees from speaking to the press about hospital matters without prior permission…

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