Affirmative Action Compliance

LMVT’s attorneys regularly assist federal contractors and financial institutions with affirmative action compliance, including affirmative action plan drafting, proactive self-audits, Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (“OFCCP”) audit defense, conciliation, and appeals. In addition to drafting affirmative action plans, we can provide a number of other statistical reports, including adverse impact analyses (impact ratio analyses), compensation analyses, regression analyses, reverse regression analyses, JAAR analyses, EEO info reports, lines of progression, salary reports, problem areas analyses, and internal audit reports.

Our firm has developed several unique methods by which we believe affirmative action compliance can be simplified, resulting in a better track record with audits and helping to cut costs. We believe it is important to make an affirmative action program more than just compliant, but also a valuable tool for human resources to track and analyze personnel decisions. We help our clients tailor their affirmative action policies and procedures in a way that not only complies with federal regulations, but also makes the best business sense.