Problem Avoidance

In today’s litigious society, termination decisions can implicate six- and seven-figure risks on the part of management. We enter into the decision process early, with the goal of helping our clients to prevent problems altogether, and to help to maximize their chances of prevailing if problems should arise. We partner with our clients to develop and revise employment policies; to train managers and supervisors; to supply periodic executive briefings concerning key employment issues; and to provide consultation on an ongoing basis, as issues may arise. Our consultation and counselling may consist of responding to a single call from a client about a discrete disciplinary matter, or be as extensive as side-by-side collaboration concerning business and departmental restructuring. Ours is a “can do” philosophy, with an emphasis on achieving your business objectives in a manner that is consistent with your overall employment strategies. We also publish a monthly update to keep our clients abreast of current employment developments. This update, called the “Employment Law Bulletin,” is provided as a courtesy to clients, without charge.