Remaining Union Free

LMVT’s attorneys have assisted our clients in successfully defeating union organizing drives throughout the United States, covering dozens of unions in manufacturing, construction, health care, telecommunications, transportation, hospitality, and the retail and service sectors. We believe that every employee is a potential “no” vote, and we take a creative and aggressive approach to helping an employer devise an effective campaign that either leads to no petition, withdrawal of a petition, or a “no” vote on election day. The firm also assists unionized employers in becoming union free. We were counsel to a healthcare employer that decertified the Steelworkers after 40 years of representation and six unsuccessful decertification attempts by other firms. We also guided an employer through the decertification of a several hundred employee unit represented by the Communications Workers of America, and assisted another employer in a successful withdrawal of recognition of the Paperworkers International (now part of PACE).

Our approach to remaining union free is premised on the philosophy that the issues important to, and methods of communications with, employees vary depending upon the industry, nature of jobs, geographic region, and the union involved. Our strategies have included multilingual communications based upon the composition of the workforce, and unique methods to reach employees who live as far as 5,000 miles away from where they work.

We assist employers to develop employee relations programs that make unions unnecessary. This includes providing employees with greater responsibility for decision making through employee focus groups and peer grievance review processes. It also includes methods of internal dispute resolution, such as internal mediation. We work with front line supervisors and managers to develop the skills necessary to effectively address employee concerns and to recognize that today’s employees seek assistance for matters that go beyond the workplace (such as family problems and other personal concerns). We also assist employers in educating their employees on their business so that employees are knowledgeable enough to be considered both an internal customer of the employer and also an investor in the employer.