Glass Ceiling/OFCCP Vulnerability Assessments

Think that an audit by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs is nothing to worry about? If you’re a federal contractor, you should think again. In 1999 the OFCCP collected more than $46.1 million in financial settlements from companies that the OFCCP alleged to be in violation of federal anti-discrimination and equal pay laws. The OFCCP also collected $13 million in back pay on behalf of employees who were “victims” of discrimination or unequal pay while working for covered government contractors. If you’re a new government contractor, we can provide our advice and counsel on avoiding OFCCP scrutiny, and can assist you in the development of an affirmative action plan. If you’re already a government contractor, our comprehensive audit of your affirmative action plan, coupled with our analysis of possible adverse impact among your employees, will help to safeguard you against the contingency of an OFCCP audit. We can also provide our guidance and expertise if the OFCCP ever knocks on your door and threatens to perform an audit.

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