Wage and Hour Compliance Program

This detailed training session is geared to human resources, payroll, and administrative employees who oftentimes face novel questions concerning employee compensation. Our half-day program analyzes Fair Labor Standards Act compliance, and covers practical issues such as the defining of:

  • working time the status of employees as exempt or non-exempt workers payroll deductions and unique problems relating to: contract
  • employees and compensation for travel and training time

Some of the topics covered by this seminar include:

  • How do employers determine whether an employee is exempt or non-exempt
  • How is an employee’s “regular rate” of pay calculated?
  • How should overtime be calculated?
  • What are “compensable hours” of work?
  • How does an employer determine whether a worker is an employee or an independent contractor? (It’s not as easy as you might think!)
  • Does the FLSA apply to volunteers and trainees?

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